Toomath Family Pictures

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Standing from left: Doreen (Bubbles), Richard Sr., Marie, Annie, Margaret (Peggy), Annie (Nan) Clifford. Kneeling from left: Ann, John, Ruby, John Jr., Elaine - 88.3 KB.
Richard Toomath - 75 KB.
Richard and Annie Toomath (nee McWilliam Goudy) - 58.3 KB.
The Toomath Family taken in September 1923 just prior to boarding the C.P.R. Steamer Marburn for Canada. Back Row from left to right: Richard Jr., Annie, Maureen (Marie), Richard, Jeanie, Joe, Evelyn. Front Row from left to right: Hugh (Ernie), Kathleen (Dolly), Andrew (Andy), Margaret (Peggy), Annie (Nan), and John - 294 KB.
Richard Toomath and John Milligan - 363 KB.
Richard and Annie Toomath (nee Goudy) - 228 KB.
Standing from left: Alice, Anna, Peggy, Sylvia, Annie, Bubbles, Marie, Sarah. Kneeling from left: Eileen, Ruby - 145.6 KB.
The Toomath Family (1901). From back left: William, Agnes (Pat) Anna Toomath (nee Sinclair), Richard, James. Front Row from left: David, Adeline (on lap), Richard Jr. and Samuel - 129 KB.
Richard Toomath - 14.8 KB
Evelyn (left), Emily (middle) & Jeanie (right). Picture taken in 1909 in front of the Toomath home located at 5 Dundela Park, Strandtown - 216 KB.
Anna Toomath (nee Sinclair) - 76.2 KB.
Richard Toomath - 225 KB.
Youngest daughters: From oldest to youngest: Doreen (Bubbles), Rubina (Ruby), Eileen, Sylvia - 77 KB.
Adeline (left) and Jeanie (right) about 1936 - 32.6 KB
Adeline, Ethel Toomath (nee Lyons), Jeanie and Marjorie about 1936 - 31.2 KB
Adeline and Jeanie (on swing) about 1935 - 37.9 KB
Joe & Ernie Toomath with Sir Vale. The picture was taken in Wheeling Downs West Virginia on 7 Sept 1960. Joe is standing on the far left. He both owned and trained the horse. Ernie is holding the horse's bridle - 75 KB