Rubina Ramsey (Ruby) Toomath: 9 Jan 1927 - 9 Jul 1986

Rubina was only ever called Ruby, and like the gem she was strong and beautiful.

Growing up, we all enjoyed hearing the many stories about our parents including being one of 25 children, stone soup and stealing curtains from the Old Benlamond Hotel. But the best was living with her. Ruby loved everyone and cared for everyone.

Shortly after her marriage to Mike Polisk they moved to a great home in the Toronto Beach area not far from where she grew up. There they raised three girls; Karen, Debbie and Mickey. We enjoyed a great life there with the best baker and a great chef and if you were ever there you can still smell those meals.

Ruby kept busy in her church, Lodges and Masonic Order beside her husband. But I think her greatest joy was family and helping others. Ruby struggled with cancer for almost half of her adult life and eventually was taken by the disease too soon.

To know her is to love her. And this gem shines on in our lives.

Submitted by Debra Lee Damp (nee Polisk) on 13 Sep 2009

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