Roy Harrison: 9 Jun 1922 - 22 Dec 1991

Roy Harrison was born on 9 Jun 1922 in Manchester England. He immigrated to Canada as a small boy. He often related how he'd been given a bright red toy fire engine to play with during the long boat ride across the Atlantic. It lasted, so he said, about two days, when it rolled right off the deck of the boat and sunk to the ocean floor.

Roy was best friends with John Toomath all of his life. It was while he was hanging out in Toronto's Cabbagetown with John that he met John's sister Marie and after scaring all the other boys in the neighborhood away from her, he married her on 10 Jun 1942. They had three children together; Daniel, Patricia and Shawn.

When John marched off to enlist in the army during WWII Roy marched right along side of him. Many years later John related how "the doctor asked me to breath and I was in the army. With Uncle Roy they asked him to breathe and he said "what?" So they examined his ears, found out he had punctured ear drums and sent him home."

Roy had a brief stint in the Toronto Police Department before returning to Eatons where he worked for over 30 years. Everybody in the family was glad Roy quit the force because if you knew Roy well you could get a Viking refrigerator or freezer at a huge discount.

Roy retired to a trailer park in Trenton where he spent a lot of time visiting with family and friends and writing long letters on his electric typewriter. If Roy was around today he would be a big user of email and the internet.

Roy passed away on 22 Dec 1991.

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