Robert Lloyd (Bob) Mason: 5 Sep 1921 - 13 Apr 1995

Robert Lloyd Mason was born on 5 Sep 1921 in Copper Cliff, Sudbury District, Ontario, the son of English immigrants. He married Bubbles on 11 Sep 1943. They had three children together.

Corporal Robert Lloyd Mason (B2292) served overseas with the Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment (Hasty Pees) during WWII. A "D-Day Dodger", Bob lived through some of the fiercest fighting of the war: the Hitler Line (Liri Valley) in Italy and the fight to liberate Holland. It is a fact worth noting that during the war Bob sent momentos home to Bubbles in spent detonator tins.

There is a story in the family that Bob once "commandeered" an army jeep and drove to where John Toomath was encamped. When he found John he took him by the hand and said: "I am your brother-in-law. I married your sister Doreen."

After the war Bob returned to his job at the Toronto Star newspaper where he worked until his retirement in 1978. Including his post war employment Bob worked at the Star for 45 years.

Bob passed away on 13 April 1995 after a lengthy illness.

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