Margaret Letitia (Peggy) Toomath: 28 Sep 1917 - 11 Jul 1993

Margaret was born to Richard and Annie Toomath in Belfast Ireland on September 28 1917 and was the oldest of the seven girls in the family. She was nicknamed Peggy, although her younger brother John always called her 'Slim" and Annie, when she was annoyed with her, called her Margaret Bella!

She was seven years old when the family immigrated to Canada. After finishing grade eight Peggy left school and went to work in order to help out the family.

Peggy loved to dance, and sing and she could play the piano by ear so she was called upon at family parties to provide the music. She was devoted to her parents as well as her younger brothers and sisters and was always there when needed.

On June 20, 1942 Peggy met and married Clifford Kalmuir Waterhouse . She was 25 years old. They were not married long before Clifford joined the army to help the war effort. He was sent up to an army base in Simcoe for his basic training and Peggy went along too.

After the war Peggy and Clifford found a flat in Toronto and tried to start a family. After five years Peggy gave birth to a daughter, Letitia Anne named for her grandmother and her great grandmother in Ireland.

At this time Peggy and Clifford or “Cliff” were living in a small wartime house at 1565 Queen Street East in Toronto. They shared the house with Annie, Richard and three unmarried sisters who were still living at home at the time. Life in the small 6 room house was interesting to say the least, especially with only one bathroom!

Several weeks after the birth of her daughter, Peggy went back to work and Letitia was cared for by Annie and Richard. Peggy remained a loving daughter and sister, doing whatever she could for her family.

In 1960 the wartime houses on Queen Street were slated for demolition and since Richard Toomath had passed away, Peggy and Cliff moved to 81 Woodfield Road, just a few blocks west of the old house. Annie Toomath moved in with them and stayed until she moved into an apartment for seniors.

Peggy continued to work and raise her daughter. She still remained close to her sisters and her mother, seeing her every week and buying her anything she needed or wanted.

Peggy suffered a stroke in 1986, but lived on for an additional six years before passing away on July 11 1993.

She is survived by her daughter Letitia and her husband Henry and their three sons Richard James, Erick Raynard and Michael Peter. It was unfortunate that Peggy did not live long enough to see her first great grandchild, Samantha Marie born in 1995.

Peggy was always a kind and generous person. She adored her daughter, her grandchildren and all her nieces and nephews and was, whenever called upon, ready to help out in any way possible. She will always be remembered for her warm heart, her sense of humour, her loving ways and her devotion to her family.

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