Joseph Duff Toomath: 3 Mar 1903 - 19 Mar 1989

Joseph Duff Toomath was born on 3 March 1903 in Belfast, Ireland. He is the tenth of Richard's 25 children.

Like his sister Margaret (Peggy), Joe played the piano. Sylvia, his sister, said that he could play anything. All you had to do was hum him a tune and he could play it. Not surprisingly, both he and Peggy were in great demand whenever the family gathered together.

Joe never married. He spent most of his life at various tracks training and racing horses. One of his more successful horses was "Run for Mum". There are still a few pictures in the family of him and "Run for Mum" standing in the winners circle.

Joe died in Toronto on 19 Mar 1989.

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