Ian Thomas Walker: 30 Aug 1958 -

Ian Thomas Walker was born on 30 Aug 1958 at Toronto General Hospital. He was the first of three children - all boys - born to Tom and Sylvia. Ian's middle name is in honor of both his father and his grandfather-Walker. Like the given names of the two boys who succeeded him, Ian's name ends in "an," an interesting fact about the family that very few people notice or know the reason for.

Because Ian was the oldest and slowest moving sibling - sorry Ian - he was usually the one who got caught and therefore was unfairly regarded as the ringleader of the "Walker boys" whom the rest of the Toomaths regarded as a "real handful." For the record, there is no concrete evidence that they did really flood Aunt Marie's basement or paint the side Aunt Peggy's house red.

Ian left home as a young man and worked at a number of jobs before following in his father's footsteps - literally - and accepting a position with Canada Post.

Much to his sibling's chagrin, Ian was always the handsomest and most charming of the Walker trio. Accordingly, he married the lovely Madeline (Lynn) LaPointe on 15 Jan 1996.

These days Ian enjoys fishing, hunting (despite the fact that his wife is a much better shot than he is) and cooking. Ian, Lynn and their two children make their home in Milton, Ontario.


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