Hugh Ernest G. (Ernie) Toomath: 12 May 1915 - 16 Jul 2002

Ernie was born on 12 May 1915 in Belfast, Ireland. He is the eldest son of Richard and Annie. His first name, Hugh, was probably given him in honor of Hugh Goudy, Annie Goudy's adoptive father or Hugh her brother (or both).

Ernie emigrated to Canada with his parents in 1923. As a young man he worked with horses.

On 22 Aug 1942 Ernie committed "sacrilege" when he married a Catholic, Sarah Mary Romeo. While still in Ireland, Richard received a rifle from Lord Carson as a gift, with which, he joked with his daughters, he would shoot any Catholic boy they brought home, a threat which seems quite unlikely given that Richard's daughter, Evelyn, had already married a Catholic and Richard harbored Catholics at his home in Ireland at the threat of his own life during the early 1920s. Ernie and Sarah had twins together, a boy, Ernie and a girl, Mary Anne.

During WWII Ernie served oversees with the the Toronto Scottish Regiment. Upon returning to Canada he settled in Niagara Falls and worked for the Niagara Power Authority until his retirement.

Ernie died in Niagara Falls on 16 July 2002.

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