Ethel Maud Lyons: 23 Apr 1898 - 25 Dec 1989

Ethel Maude Lyons was born on 23 Apr 1898 to James and Margaret (Maggie) Lyons (nee Fitzsimons) in Belfast Ireland. Her father James worked for the White Star Lines and traveled all over the world on the banana boats until he sustained an injury which forced him to retire. He subsequently opened a Candy Store in Belfast.

Ethel met David Toomath prior to his going off to fight in WWI. Gassed during the fighting, David was sent to Canada to recover his health. In 1923 he sent for Ethel to join him in Canada. They were married in a Presbyterian Church on Cowan Avenue in Toronto, Ontario on 13 Dec 1923.

Ethel was a home maker who saw to her husband, home and the raising of their only daughter Marjorie. Ethel and David made their home in Niagara Falls, New York until David retired in 1962 after which they went to live with Marjorie on the west coast.

Ethel died nine years after her beloved husband David on Christmas Day 1989.

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