Brian Douglas Walker: 18 Sep 1959 -

Brian Douglas Walker was born 18 Sep 1959 at the Toronto General Hospital in Ontario, Canada. He is the second of Tom and Sylvia's three sons. He was baptised a Latter-Day Saint on 1 Aug 1982. His God Parents were Robert and Doreen Mason. When he was growing up Bob and "Bubbles" always sent him a card on his birthday containing five dollars. When Brian turned 18, he received a card with 20 dollars in it and a short note from his Godfather informing him that he was "now off the dole."

Brian grew up in Clarkson, a small suburb of Mississauga, Ontario where his family moved in 1961. As a child Brian enjoyed drawing and playing sports. He was a sprinter, played hockey, lacrosse, tennis and football. Brian attended Clarkson Secondary School. He has a BSc. and a BA from McMaster University.

Brian married Darlene Frances Rooney on 3 Mar 1982 at old City Hall Toronto. They had six children together. Darlene passed away in 1998. Brian married Shelley Lynn Purdon in the LDS Temple, Brampton, Ontario, Canada on 19 Dec 1998. They had one child together.

In his spare time Brian enjoys church work, running, writing, playing guitar, dinner parties, movies and doing genealogy.

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