Annie McMillan Goudy: 13 Nov 1894 - 21 Apr 1977

Annie McMillan was born on 13 Nov 1894 in County Down, Ireland. She had two brothers David and Hugh. When Annie was seven she was adopted by Hugh and Letitia (nee Reid) Goudy and given their surname.

Hugh and Letitia sent Annie to Lord Dufferin's Private School until she was a teenager after which she returned home and went to work on the family farm. Hugh and Letitia owned their own farm which was contiguous to Lord Dufferin's estate.

In an interview with her daughter Annie (Nan) in 1968, Annie related how she met Richard Toomath:

She was on her way to church one Sunday morning where she was scheduled to sing a solo with the Church choir when she took sick and returned home. Shortly after her return, three men came to the door; a neighbor Mr. Wright, Mr. Wright's son and a man who was introduced to her as Mr. Toomath. Her mother invited them in. When they were leaving Mr. Toomath (Richard) asked if he might come back to which Annie replied he was welcome to come back any time. He returned the next week and the week after that.

On 17 Mar 1914 Richard gave Annie an engagement ring. They were married on 6 Aug 1914. Richard and Annie had 10 children together.

Annie's brother David served in the Great War. He was killed in action 21 December 1917. Her other brother Hugh went to Canada in 1916 to recover his health - he was probably gassed during WWI. It was Hugh who arranged for the family to immigrate to Canada in 1923 in order to escape the troubles in Ireland. Hugh was boarding with a Mrs. Greene in Hamilton at the time which explains why the family settled in Hamilton originally.

A couple of years after arriving in Canada Annie followed Richard to Toronto where he had unsuccessfully tried to race two thoroughbreds he had brought with him from Ireland.

Like her husband Richard, Annie was an active member of the Orange Lodge all her life.

Annie died on 21 Apr 1977. She was interred next to Richard at St. John's (Norway) Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her tombstone says that she was born in 1896 but this does not correspond with her own recollections which point to her being born in 1894.

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