Andrew Briens (Andy) Toomath: 4 Apr 1916 - 10 Jul 1945

Andrew or Andy, as he was affectionately called by members of the family, was born on 4 April 1916 in Belfast, Ireland.

Andy immigrated to Canada with his parents Richard and Annie and the majority of their children in 1923.

Andy was very popular among his brothers and sisters. He had a weak heart as a result of contracting Scarlet Fever as a child and seemed to live each day with a gusto that others admired. His brothers describe him as a handsome man and a bit of a prankster. John said that you could put a potato sack on him and he would still look like a million dollars. It's impossible to find a picture of him where he's not smiling. Perhaps that's because he was the coach of the Simpson's girls baseball team!

During the war Andrew used to regularly send John a bottle of whiskey concealed in a loaf of bread. John commented that because whiskey was rationed and Andy liked a drink now and again he used to tell his girlfriends a sob story about his poor soldier brother John and get them to donate their whiskey ration to "the cause."

Andrew married Dorothy on 27 Feb 1943. They never had children.

Andrew is remembered fondly by friends and family as a kind and gentle man who had a way with horses and other animals.

Andy collapsed and died while waiting for a streetcar on 10 July 1945. He was interred at the foot of his mother and father's grave in the old section directly behind St. John the Baptist, Norway, Anglican Church, 450 Woodbine Road in Toronto.

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