Alice Cooke: 3 Nov 1920 - 27 Apr 2007

Alice was born in Manchester, England on 3 Nov. 1920. Her mother had four children: Ernie Allen, Bill Allen, Edith and Alice. Alice's mother (Minnie Sims) died of scarlet fever shortly after Alice was born. Alice's father Thomas Cooke worked in a coal mine. When Alice was growing up she had a very close relationship with her grandmother (Sims).

Alice joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service (A.T.S.) of the British Army in 1941 (WW2). She served in the A.T.S. for three years and 98 days. She was discharged after her appendix ruptured and peritonitis set in. She is listed in her army pay book as W/73210.

During her time in the A.T.S. Alice was sent to a chemical warfare school in the northern part in Glenridding which is situated in the lake district of Windermere. It was there she met her future husband, John MilliganToomath. Alice and John married in All Saints of Newton Heath Church which is located in a suburb in Manchester, England, on 19 Feb 1945. Their first child, a daughter, Ann was born in England. Because Alice was a "war bride" she did not come to Canada until John had been sent home to Canada and discharged from the army. United again, John and Alice moved to Toronto where they lived for the rest of their lives. Another child, a son, John completed their family.

Alice was devoted to her family. John described her as a quiet woman who never used foul language. Alice died 27 April 2007.

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