Alan John Walker: 2 Jan 1961 -

Alan John Walker was born at the Toronto General Hospital on 2 Jan 1961. He is the third and last child of Tom and Sylvia Walker. Alan's middle name is in honor of his Uncle John with whom he shares the same fun loving nature.

As an infant Al was often sick. It took a few years to make a diagnosis; allergies, which cleared up after a few years of getting a weekly "shot."

Al was the biggest eater of his three brothers. He also has the best sense of humor. All of his nieces and nephews have fond memories of "Uncle Al."

As a young man, Al was an excellent athlete who excelled at both hockey and lacrosse. A prolific goal scorer, Al often played with kids who were older than him.

Al married Judith Ann (Judy) Dvernechuk on 10 Dec 1988 at Mississauga City Hall. They have three children together, Adam, Shannon and Dylan.

These days Al enjoys coaching hockey and playing in an old timers' league where he still manages to put more than his fair share of pucks between the goal posts.

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